British Isles weather diary

British Isles weather diary

Recent temperature, rainfall and sunshine extremes over the British Isles (Note: figures in parentheses give an indication, from first reports, of the spread of daily max and min temperatures, min daytime temperatures (occasionally), rainfall and sunshine in the 24 hours ending 2100 GMT.)

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British Isles weather, June 2016

Overnight rain across England cleared the SE by mid-morning on the 27th, to give a W'ly flow to all areas. It turned showery in the W of Scotland later, but most places across the British Isles also had plenty of sunny periods. (Frittenden 23.6C, Cluanie Inn 12.0C maximum, Loch Glascarnoch 8.3C minimum, Cluanie Inn 14.2 mm, Sheffield 11.3 h.)

After a cool start to the day in NE England and E and S Scotland, frontal cloud spread from the W during the 28th across many areas, while a shallow low pushed E'wards across S and Cent England later in the day. After overnight rain in W parts of Scotland and Ireland, all areas had some rainfall during the day as a result. Sunshine amounts were slight away from S England - and there were thundery showers in parts of NE Scotland, N England and SW Wales. Arriva Trains Wales said there were delays of up to 25 minutes on the lines from Whitland to Pembroke Dock, Fishguard Harbour and Carmarthen for a time after lightning damaged signalling equipment. (Gravesend 22.0C, Dalwhinnie 12.3C maximum, Kielder Castle 2.9C minimum, Pembrey Sands 20.0 mm, Yeovilton 7.6 h.)

Low pressure on the 29th (centre 996 mb at 1200 GMT over the Isle of Man) brought frontal rain to much of England, Wales and Ireland during the day. Further N, in lighter winds, precipitation was more showery in nature - but most places remained on the cloudy side. (Shoeburyness 18.9C, Spadeadam 11.4C maximum, Katesbridge 6.6C minimum, Capel Curig 29.6 mm, Kirkwall 5.9 h.)

The 30th was an unsettled day with overnight rain in S England and W Scotland in particular overnight - while W areas of the British Isles had further rainfall during the day. By the evening rainfall was quite widespread across England, after a day with rather cloudy skies in all areas.(Writtle 21.8C, Tulloch Bridge 12.0C maximum, Aboyne 3.4C minimum, Cluanie Inn 23.0 mm, Nottingham 7.2 h.)

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Last updated 7 July 2016.