Mesoscale Group

Who's who: Dr Chris Holloway

Position/Job Title:
Lecturer in Convection
0118 378 8955
Research Interests:
  • Interaction between convection and the large-scale environment
  • Tropical weather and climate (including the MJO, tropical cyclones, organised convection)

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. I study atmospheric convection, tropical weather and tropical climate. I am particularly interested in the interaction between convection and larger-scale fields and the organization of convection, including the vertical structure of temperature and moisture at various spatial scales. A related interest is the non-linear relationship between column water vapour and precipitation and how this relationship relates to distributions of convective clusters and the temporal evolution of convective systems. I'm also involved in efforts to improve the way current global weather and climate models represent convection.

You can find further information at my homepage

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