Mesoscale Group

Who's who: Helene Bresson

Position/Job Title:
PhD Student
Research Interests:
  • Extratropical Cyclones
  • Severe Weather
  • Climate Change

I am a first year PhD student supervised by Kevin Hodges, Len Shaffrey and Giuseppe Zappa. My project is "Understanding the spatial distribution of polar lows (Arctic hurricanes) and their importance in the Climate system". The first interest of this project is to identify polar lows and determine their climatology and variability using new high resolution atmospheric observational data. We will also examine their structure and lifecycles to better understand how they form and grow. The second part of this project will assess how well polar lows are simulated in high resolution climate models and determine how they might respond to climate change. Finally, a partnership with The Met Ocean team from BP will be held, to provide expertise in assessing the environmental risks to offshore infrastructure affected by the strong winds associated with polar lows.

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