Mesoscale Group

Who's who: Dr. Miguel Teixeira

Lecturer in Meteorology

Tel: 0118 378 5573

Research Interests

  • Langmuir turbulence
  • Mountain waves
  • Turbulent/nonturbulent interfaces

Current Projects

  • EDWARD - Extreme Downslope Winds And Resonant mountain Drag enhancement in structured atmospheres (team member), Portuguese Science Foundation
  • SMOG - Structure of MOist convection in high-resolution GNSS observations and models (team member), Portuguese Science Foundation
  • SHARE - Seamless High-resolution Atmosphere-ocean REsearch (team member), Portuguese Science Foundation

Other Responsibilities

Teaching in Department of Meteorology (Boundary Layer Meteorology and Micrometeorology)


Recent publications are listed here.

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BLMet research

  • Urban meteorology
  • Air-sea interactions
  • Orographic processes
  • Mesoscale processes