Mesoscale Group

Who's who: Ruari Rhodes

Position/Job Title:
PhD Student
0118 378 5338
Research Interests:
  • Extreme rainfall/flooding events
  • Extratropical cyclones
  • Mesoscale processes

My PhD research project is entitled "Projected changes in extreme European rainfall due to North Atlantic cyclones", supervised by Dr Suzanne Gray and Dr Len Shaffrey. My research is intended to develop understanding of the scientific basis behind changes to extreme rainfall events likely to cause flooding in north-western Europe under the influence of climate change. Key research questions include:

  • How are extreme rainfall events changing in north-western Europe?
  • Can we attribute changes already observed to changing processes in weather systems?
  • What are the likely implications of climate change on weather systems likely to cause flooding events?

You can find further information at my homepage.

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