Mesoscale Group

Who's who: Sam Clarke

Position/Job Title:
PhD Student
Research Interests:
  • Mesoscale convective sytems

I am a PhD student working with Sue Gray and Nigel Roberts (Met Office) on a project entitled "Multiscale prediction and upscale impact of mesoscale convective systems". MCSs are convective systems that form from the amalgamation and/ or upscale organisation of individual storms into a single cloud system with a very large cirrus anvil and contiguous precipitation areas. MCSs are a rare occurrence in the UK with approximately 2 occurring each year. Although they are rare events, when they do occur they are associated with extreme weather such as large amounts of precipitation and high winds. Due to this extreme weather caused it is important to research such MCS events with an aim of enquiring a broader understanding of MCSs. Operational weather forecasts are now capable of representing scales associated with the mesoscale, with the highest resolution models capable of representing the convective scale and features within tropical cyclones. This project will explore the interactions between weather processes on different scales. In order to do this a number of case studies of mesoscale convective systems (MCSs) will be studied which occurred over the UK and France. This project has 3 main questions to investigate namely; how is the forecast of MCSs affected by the representation of convection and the associated PV structures? What is the synoptic-scale impact of PV anomalies generated by MCSs? And lastly; how does the predictability of MCSs depend on synoptic-scale vs. local control. The 3 questions will enable us to determine the interactions between different processes associated with weather systems and MCSs.

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