Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology (JCMM)


Waves in the atmosphere and ocean (summary notes)
by Andy White

Waves in the atmosphere and ocean was delivered at Reading University during Autumn 1998.  It was an examined course of 20 lectures, offered as an option in Part III BSc Meteorology, and attended by some 15 third-year undergraduate students.

The JCMM report contains the summary notes which accompanied the course.  Some minor errors in the original notes have been corrected, but the notes are substantially as presented to the class lecture by lecture.  A few non-uniformities of notation have been allowed to remain, since to have ironed them out would have taken more time than has been available given my recent return to Met Office headquarters at Bracknell; I am happy to leave the task to whomever takes over the delivery of the course!

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