Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology (JCMM)

Contributions of the JCMM/Department of Meteorology Radar Group to the 27th AMS Radar Meteorology Conference, Vail:  October 1995

  1. Density and size distribution of aggregating snow particles inferred from coincident aircraft and radar observations
    J W G Thomason, A J Illingworth and V Marecal

  2. Sizing of ice aggregates and snowflakes using coincident 3 and 35GHz reflectivity observations
    A J Illingworth, J W G Thomason, J W F Goddard, H Sauvageot and P Simpson
  3. Dual wavelength polarisation measurements in precipitation using the CAMRA and Rabelais radars
    J W F Goddard, K L Morgan, A J Illingworth and H Sauvageot
  4. Simultaneous differential phase measurements at 3 and 35GHz

    T M Blackman, A J Illingworth, J W F Goddard and H Sauvageot

  5. Differential Doppler Velocity (DDV) - a third parameter for characterising particle size distributions
    D R Wilson, A J Illingworth and T M Blackman
  6. The effect of ice crystal density on the radar reflectivity of clouds at millimetric wavelengths
    M E J Gosset, A J Illingworth, P R A Brown and J W G Thomason

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