Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology (JCMM)


JCMM Internal Report No.70
Contributions of the JCMM/Department of Meteorology Radar Group to 28th AMS Radar Meteorology Conference, Austin, Texas, in September 1997

Correction for severe attenuation at S-band
by T J Smyth and A J Illingworth

Cirrus cloud ice water content retrieval algorithms for a future spaceborne cloud radar
by Chun-Lei Liu and Anthony J Illingworth

Examining the lower limit of Kdp rainrate estimation including a case study at S-band
by T Mark Blackman and Anthony J Illingworth

Estimating rainfall rates at the ground in bright band and non bright band events
T J Smyth and A J Illingworth

Rainfall rate measurement with a polarimetric radar at an attenuated wavelength
by Henri Sauvageot, Frederic Mesnard, Anthony Illingworth and John Goddard

Dual wavelength determination of cirrus microphysical properties
Robin J Hogan, Anthony J Illingworth and Henri Sauvageot

A bistatic radar system using an incoherent transmitter
by J D Eastment, T M Blackman, I N Moore and G D Aulich

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