Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology (JCMM)

Abst79 JCMM Internal Report No.79:  A preliminary study of Fourier series analysis for cloud tracking with GOES high temporal resolution images by Z Wang

Fourier series analysis is proposed as a new technique for deriving cloud motion winds from high temporal resolution satellite images.  Based on the change of harmonic phase, the Fourier technique computes phase speed as an estimate of cloud motion.  A speed spectrum is also derived, the standard deviation of which might provide information on speed difference of clouds in different scales in an analysed area if contribution from noise could be removed.  A practical example shows the ability to obtain more extensive and detailed cloud motion winds from high temporal resolution images with the Fourier method than from traditional 30-minute interval images with maximum correlation technique.  It also reveals problems of noisy wind fields that require further investigation before the Fourier technique can be regarded as a viable technique.

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