Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology (JCMM)


The application of conceptual models in NWP

by Adrian T Semple

Just as the human body is commonly perceived as a whole, it is best diagnosed as the sum of component parts which interact in characteristic ways independent of the overall nature of the body. In the same way, conceptual models of cyclogenesis represent the physical processes that occur within weather systems as a number of relatively precisely defined component elements that interact in characteristic ways independent of the class of cyclone. The aim of this report is to explore ways in which conceptual models may be used to improve the performance of the UKMO Unified Model by exploiting their property of exposing the anatomy of a system. The report does not aim to deal with technicalities of specifics of particular NWP procedures, but rather to perform thought experiments as to the feasibility of the proposed applications and to stimulate further investigation if appropriate.

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