Miscellaneous reports


  • Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for ACM-Ice-Reading (variational radar-lidar-radiometer ice cloud retrieval)
    Delanoe, J. M. E., and R. J. Hogan, produced for the European Space Agency as part of the project "CASPER" (Cloud and Aerosol Synergetic Products from EarthCARE Retrievals): DOC


  • Facilitating cloud radar and lidar algorithms: the Cloudnet Instrument Synergy/Target Categorization product
    Hogan, R. J., and E. J. O'Connor, Cloudnet documentation: PS.GZ|PDF


  • Contribution to "Retrieval algorithms for EarthCARE" ESA Final Report
    Hogan, R. J., A. J. Illingworth, D. P. Donovan, C. Tinel, M. E. Brooks, E. J. O'Connor and M. D. Behera. Chapter 1 (PDF) | Chapter 2 (PDF) | Chapters 3-5 (PDF) | All latex files and eps figures
  • The effect of specular reflection on spaceborne lidar measurements of ice clouds
    Hogan, R. J., and A. J. Illingworth, Report for the ESA "Retrieval algorithms for EarthCARE" project, February 2003. PS.GZ|PDF


  • COHPROC, a coherent processing algorithm for the Chilbolton radars
    Hogan, R. J., Reading/RAL internal document.
    7 December 2001: cohproc.ps.gz; cohproc.pdf


  • Quantification of the synergy aspects of the Earth Radiation Mission
    Illingworth, A. J., R. J. Hogan, A. C. A. P. van Lammeren, D. P. Donovan, F. H. Berger, T. Halecker, C.-L. Liu, A. Feijt and H. I. Bloemink, Final report, ESTEC Contract 13167/98/NL/GD. University of Reading contribution: synergy.pdf


  • Study and measurement of cloud characteristics
    Illingworth, A. J., R. J. Hogan and J. W. F. Goddard, Final report, ESTEC Contract 10568/93/NL/NB.
  • CLARE'98 Cloud lidar and radar experiment
    Numerous authors, ESTEC International Workshop Proceedings, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 13-14 September 1999, 239pp.



  • Clouds and climate: Observations with a cloud profiling radar
    Illingworth, A. J., R. J. Hogan, H. Sauvageot, G. Preti, J. W. F. Goddard and J. D. Eastment, Final report, CEC contract EV5V-CT-94-0463.

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