VCS Example: Modifying Scatter Attributes     


The Scatter graphics method displays a scatter plot of two 4-dimensional data arrays, e.g. A(x,y,z,t) and B(x,y,z,t). This example shows how to change the marker attributes of a scatter plot by use of the Scatter Editor Panel.

Step 1: Displaying Data with the Scatter Graphics Method

Access the blue Scatter Graphics Method Panel (via Main Menu: `Primary' -> `Graphics Table' -> `Scatter'). Note, VCS does not allow the modification of any `default' attribute sets. Therefore, select the Scatter `default' attribute set with the middle mouse button. Then select and hold the `Scatter' menu button with the left mouse button. Move the left mouse button over the `Copy' item and release--a popup window will appear. Enter a new Scatter attribute set name (e.g., `example') and press the `Save' button. The `example' attribute set name then will appear in the blue Scatter Graphics Method Panel. This is the new Scatter attribute set that will be modified in this example.

Use this newly created Scatter attribute set name and the Template Panel's `default' attribute set in the chosen picture descriptor form located in the Page Description Panel. Select the file in the Data Selection Panel, and double-click with the left mouse button on the `u' and `v' variables in this Panel's `Variables' scroll window. The data set attribute names `u (4D)' `v (4D)' will be displayed in the red Data Panel above.

In order to display the data, select red Data Panel's `u (4D)' string with the middle mouse button. Then move the pointer to the chosen red input text window in the picture descriptor form and press the middle mouse button. Do the same for the 'v (4d)' variable, after first scrolling the Page Description Panel leftward to reveal a second red input text window in the picture description form. These actions will plot the two data sets with the Scatter graphics method on the VCS Canvas. (Because of the large size of these data sets, there may be a substantial wait time to view the display.) See also the Example on Creating Plots by Different Graphics Methods.

Step 2: Accessing the Scatter Editor Panel

Scroll down the blue window of the Scatter Graphics Method Panel until the `example' string is visible, and select `example' with the left mouse button. (If `example' is selected with the middle mouse button, VCS will copy `example' into its copy buffer; if `example is selected with the right mouse button, VCS will delete `example' from the list.) The Scatter Editor Panel (see above figure) will appear below. Scroll the panel to the bottom, so that the `Tm' input text window is visible.

Step 3: Changing the Marker Attribute

To change the marker attribute, access the (Tm) Marker Table Panel (via Main Menu: `Basic' -> `Marker Table (Tm)'). Then select the Marker Table Panel's `red' attribute set with the middle mouse button. Next, move the pointer over the brown `Tm' input text window in the Scatter Editor Panel and click the middle mouse button--the `red' text string will replace the `default' string. Press the red `Apply' button to register the results on the VCS Canvas.

See also Hints on the Marker Editor Panel for further details on changing marker attributes.

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