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The DRS command is used to store data attribute sets in the PCMDI Data Retrieval and Storage (DRS) format. If no path/file name is given and no previously created DRS file has been designated, then file

will be used as the DRS dictionary (i.e., data metafile) and file

will be used for storing DRS data. However, if a previously created DRS file is designated, that file will be used for DRS output.

There are two modes for saving a DRS file: `append' mode appends DRS output to an existing file; `replace' mode overwrites an existing file with DRS output. If a file cannot be opened for appending output, then no DRS output will be written.


DRS([path/file name], mode)

where mode is either `append' or `replace'

Script Examples

Append to an existing file:


Replace an existing file:


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