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Graphics attributes define the projection and real-world coordinates of the space for the graphical representation of the data. They define axis labels and their positions, as well as tick mark positions in the real-world coordinate space of the data. Graphics attributes also describe the parameters required for the chosen graphics method, which determine the number of arrays and the number of multiple-valued dimensions required for each array.


Many different graphics methods are available in VCS (e.g., Boxfill,Isofill, Isoline, Outfill, Scatter, Vector, etc.). However, the documentation below shows how to modify only those attributes that are common to all the graphics methods. The scripts for the graphics attributes of particular graphics methods are described in sections specific to each method.

The statement


is used to define a graphics table entry, or to change some or all of the attributes in an existing table entry. Possible attribute assignments are described below.

There are currently four different mapping projections implemented in VCS: `linear' (the default), `mollweide', `robinson', and `polar' (see Step 3 of the Example on Modifying Common Graphics Methods Attributes):

The labels and tick marks are defined by lists, which are specified by a list name. Each list value defines a position with respect to the real-world dimension coordinates and a string for display. Each named assignment defines tick positions, and those names that include the string `ticlabels' also define label strings and positions. For example, the named assignment xticlabels#1=`lat20' defines a position (in degrees latitude) for each tick and label, as well as a string for each label:

The data space defined in the picture template, expressed in normalized device coordinates, is mapped to the real-world coordinates given in datawc:

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