VCS User's Guide:
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     1. Setup Information
     2. Examples
     3. Hints
     4. Scripts

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The User's Guide for VCS includes setup information, tutorial examples on how to exercise different capabilities of the software, hints on the features and operations of each VCS panel, and documentation of the VCS scripting language.

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 1. VCS Setup Information

1.1 Before Running VCS
      Recommended Input Files
      Setting XGKS Fonts
      Continents Mapping Options

1.2 Running VCS: Command Line Options
      Running in Interactive Mode
      Running in Batch Mode

1.3 An Orientation to Using VCS
      The VCS Model
      Software Capabilities
      The VCS Interface
      Use of Mouse Buttons
      Further Help with VCS

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 2. VCS Examples
(How to use)

Beginning Examples:

Selecting and Browsing Data
Quick Plotting Data
Creating Plots by Different Graphics Methods
Saving CGM, netCDF, HDF, DRS, and Raster Files
Printing CGM Files
Saving and Running Scripts
Running in Noninteractive Modes

Intermediate Examples:

Modifying Data
Modifying Common Graphics Methods Attributes
Modifying Boxfill Attributes
Modifying Continents Attributes
Modifying Isofill Attributes
Modifying Isoline Attributes
Modifying Outfill Attributes
Modifying Outline Attributes
Modifying Scatter Attributes
Modifying Vector Attributes
Modifying XvsY Attributes
Modifying Xyvsy Attributes
Modifying Yxvsx Attributes
Changing the Continental Outlines
Modifying a Template
Modifying a Format
Creating and Modifying Colormaps
Saving Individual Attribute Sets as Scripts
Overlaying Graphics Methods
Defining a Logical Mask
Quick Animation
Computing a New Variable
Changing X- and/or Y-Axis Representation
Grid Transformations
Exercising VCS Canvas Features:
     Changing Display Orientation/Size and Using Zoom Options
     Generating Multiple Plots, Using Portrait Mode, and Deferring Displays

Advanced Examples:

Using the Indices Loop Panel
Creating and Modifying Secondary Elements
Animating Two or More Variables

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 3. Hints on VCS Panels

Animation Control Panel
Boxfill Editor Panel
CGM Panel
Colormap Editor/Table Panel
Compute Control Panel
Continents Editor Panel
Data Editor Panel
Data Panel
Data Selection and Data Selection Browser Panels
Dimension Assignment Panel
Dimension Manipulation Panel
DRS Panel
Fillarea Editor Panel
Format Editor Panel
Graphics Method Panel
HDF Panel
Indices Loop Panel
Isofill Editor and Isofill Value Panels
Isoline Editor and Isoline Value Panels
Line Editor Panel
List Editor Panel
List Table Panel
Marker Editor Panel
netCDF Panel
Outfill Editor Panel
Outline Editor Panel
Page Description Panel
Print CGM Panel
Raster Panel
Scatter Editor Panel
Script I/O Panel
Template Browser Panel
Template Panel
Text Editor Panel
(Tf) Fillarea Table Panel
(Th) Format Table Panel
(Tl) Line Table Panel
(Tm) Marker Table Panel
(Tt) Text Table and (To) Text Orientation Table Panels
VCS Canvas
Vector Editor Panel
XvsY Editor Panel
Xyvsy Editor Panel
Yxvsx Editor Panel

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 4. VCS Scripts

Introduction to VCS Scripting
Primary Element Attribute Sets
Array Data Attributes: A_name
Picture Template Attributes: P_name
Graphics Attributes: G*_name
     Boxfill Attributes: Gfb_name
     Continents Attributes: Gcon_name
     Isofill Attributes: Gfi_name
     Isoline Attributes: Gi_name
     Outfill Attributes: Gfo_name
     Outline Attributes: Go_name
     Scatter Attributes: GSp_name
     Vector Attributes: Gv_name
     XvsY Attributes: GXY_name
     Xyvsy Attributes: GXy_name
     Yxvsx Attributes: GYx_name
Secondary Elements Attribute Sets
     Colormap Attributes: C_name
     Fill Area Attributes: Tf_name
     Formats Attributes: Th_name
     Line Attributes: Tl_name
     List Attributes: L_name
     Marker Attributes: Tm_name
     Text Attributes: Tt_name
     Text Orientation Attributes: To_name
Display Attributes: D_name
Script Commands

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