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Radar Meteorology at Reading

Welcome to the radar group at the Department of Meteorology. Our group is involved in a wide range of remote sensing activities, using ground based observations from the Chilbolton Observatory (home to the worlds largest steerable meteorological radar), satellite measurements from CloudSat and CALIPSO, and operational rain radar measurements in collaboration with the Met Office. Our aim is to explore the microphysics and dynamics of clouds and precipitation, as well as developing retrieval techniques to measure cloud properties and turbulence from continuous Doppler radar and lidar measurements. We are also developing operational techniques to measure precipitation rates and near-surface wind & humidity fields from the UK's network of C-band radars.

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Introduction to radar

Data and real-time images

A vertically pointing radar, along with a lidar ceilometer and Doppler lidar operate continuously at Chilbolton, and real-time quicklooks of this data can be viewed by clicking the plots on the right.

Data from Chilbolton is available for download at the British Atmospheric Data Centre.

The realtime images are also available at the Chilbolton Weather Web (hosted at RAL), along with images from the Chilbolton weather radar, cloud camera and meteorological instruments, and from the RAL radar in Singapore.

Cloudnet is an ongoing project to use data obtained at European and US remote sensing stations for the development of retrieval algorithms and the evaluation of clouds in forecast models.
Quicklooks of measurements, meteorological products and model data for each sites
BAMS paper describing the Cloudnet project.

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