Professor Peter Jan van Leeuwen

Professor of Data Assimilation

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Interim Director of the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO)

Professor of Data Assimilation

Research Interests:

  • Nonlinear data assimilation
  • Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Interaction thermohaline and wind-driven ocean circulation
  • Perturbation theory

Research Projects:

  • Ensemble data-assimilation system development (SANGOMA) In the EU-funded project SANGOMA we develop new nonlinear ensemble data-assimilation methods and implement them in existing ensemble data-assimilation software packages for use by the European oceanographic community.
  • Particle filters for climate models. We explore the Equivalent-Weights Partticle Filter in HadCM3, a climate model with about a million variables.
  • Localization in Particle Filters. We are exploring using Ensemble Kalman Filter-like proposals with localisation in particle filters.
  • Particle filters with 4DVar as proposal density.We are exploring ensembles of 4D-Var as particles in a particle filter, using on the ensemble of 4D-Var system presently operational at the ECMWF.
  • Comparing Particle filtering and MCMC in geophysical systems: exploring the proposal density.The idea is to build a particle filter for highly nonlinear high-dimensional systems and test the posterior pdf representation with MCMC methods. We will also try to make the MCMC methods more efficient exploring our ideas from particle filtering.
  • Efficient nonlinear data-assimilation methods for parameter and paremeterisation estimation.Using model tentencies after data-assimilation with the Ensemble Kalman Smoother and a Particle Smoother we will try to find new nonlinear methods for parametyer and parameterisation estimation.
  • Hybrid scheme's for next generation data assimilations. We are exploring 4 hybrid data-assimilation scheme's between Ensemble Kalman Filters, Particle filters and 4D-Var and compare their merits and problems using the 1-D convective shallow-water model developed by George Craig (Munich).
  • Particle filtering with square-root Kalman filters as proposal.Exploring ideas from the Auxiliary Particle Filter and square-root Ensemble Kalman Filters to come up with new efficient nonlinear data-assimilation schemes for high-dimensional systems.
  • Hybrid algorithms of ensemble transform and importance sampling for nonlinear observations.

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

  • Melanie Ades PDRA working on efficient particle filters and MCMC.
  • Phil Browne PDRA working on efficient particle filters for climate models, specifically HadCM3.
  • Javier Amezcua PDRA working on 4DVar ensemble members as particles in particle filters, with ECMWF.
  • David Livings PDRA working on localisation in particle filters.
  • Sanita Vetra Carvalho PDRA working on ensemble data-assimilation framework for oceanographic applications in SANGOMA.
  • Shinya Nakano Visitor from Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Tokyo, working on hybrids of ensemble transform and importance sampling methods.
  • Matthew Lang PhD student working on nonlinear methods for parameter and parameterisation estimation.
  • Michael Goodliff PhD student working on hybrid EnKF,Particle Filter and 4DVar methods.
  • John de Vries PhD student working on auxiliary particle filters combined with ensemble square-root methods.

Other interests

  • Information transfer in complex systems.

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