Welcome to the home page of the ADIENT Consortium Project

This project forms a consortium of leading experts in aerosol modelling and measurement with the overarching objective of quantifying the direct effect of aerosols on the Earth's radiation budget via scattering and/ or absorption of radiation.

The project will deliver:
1) New FAAM measurements of the physical, chemical and optical properties of aerosol over the UK and Europe,
2) a comprehensive description of the spatio-temporal evolution of anthropogenic aerosol, in particular the single scatter albedo,
3) an assessment of the radiative impact of anthropogenic aerosol,
4) a comprehesive description of the physical properties of key aerosol types,
5) an assessment of the aerosol radiative forcing split into the natural and anthropogenic contribution both regionally and globally.

An important consequence of the project will be the confrontation of existing aerosol models witha combination of new and existing in-situ, ground and satellite bease aerosol measurements on a range of spatial scales. This will be the most exacting test of UK aerosol models to date and provides the mechanism for an improval in model accuracy.

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