Dust Outflow and Deposition to the Ocean

DODO is a fieldwork-based campaign aiming to quantify and characterise dust outflow (chemical and microphysical properties) from the Sahara to the Atlantic Ocean.

DODO also involves dust modelling following the end of the field campaigns.

DODO Aims:

  • To develop case study based predictions of dust deposition to the Northern Hemisphere Atlantic Ocean, constrained by in-situ aircraft measurements.
  • To describe the interaction of transport processes, aerosol chemistry and microphysics.
  • To assess the size distributed iron loading in the dust, and characterise the chemical form of the iron.
  • To fingerprint the dust sources using single particle characterisation, including chemical composition, particularly iron content.
  • To assess the climatological representivity of thec ase studies and predict the seasonal footprint of dust deposition (and associated dust) to the north Atlantic Ocean.
  • To assess the radiative impact of the dust over the Atlantic Ocean and its effect on sea surface temperatures

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DODO Funding

DODO has been funded by SOLAS

Other Campaigns

DODO campaigns were conducted in collaboration with the following campaigns:

  • Dust And Biomass EXperiment (DABEX)
  • African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA UK)

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