Boundary-Layer Group (BL Group)


Boundary Layer Group, meet regularly within the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading, UK and is formed of people actively involved in research or have an interest in boundary layer meteorology. The aim of the group is to be a forum for its members to improve understanding, to engage in discussion and to promote advancement in a wide variety of topics. In particular those related to the processes of the lowest kilometre of the atmosphere, the upper reaches of the ocean and the interaction between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere.

Current research areas encorporate a wide variety of topics, including...

We actively encourage new members to join the group. You can join by signing up for the met-bl mailing list to receive regular updates on upcoming meetings and group news. Sign up here!

Departmental contact details are located here; and you can contact us all individually through the people menu.

For PhD opportunities on related topics please search the Departmental page.


  • Group meetings, Fridays at 11:00 in 1L61. This terms meetings can be found here.

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BLMet research

  • Urban meteorology
  • Air-sea interactions
  • Orographic processes
  • Mesoscale processes