Boundary-Layer Group (BL Group)

Brodie Pearson

PhD Student


Research Interests

  • Langmuir turbulence
  • Turbulence closure schemes
  • Large Eddy Simulation

Current Project

      Langmuir turbulence in the ocean surface boundary layer.
      Supervisors: Stephen Belcher, Alan Grant and Jeff Polton
      Langmuir turbulence is driven by surface gravity waves, and is unique to the ocean surface boundary layer. My PhD project aims to expand our understanding of Langmuir turbulence to forcing regimes which are typical of the real ocean. This work can be split into several distinct topics:
    • The effect of different wave fields on the structure of Langmuir turbulence. This encompasses a range of conditions such as surface wave spectra (i.e. the Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum) and swell waves.
    • The impact of radiative heating on the structure of a Langmuir turbulent ocean boundary layer. In the ocean, short wave radiation is absorbed within the top 10m, similar to both the mixed layer depth, and the wave forcing depth scale. This motivates the question: how does Langmuir turbulence manifest in a stable boundary layer?
    • How does Langmuir turbulence affect high-order turbulence statistics, which are essential to building physical parametrizations of the turbulent fluxes and structure within the mixed layer. In particular, how does Langmuir turbulence impact pressure-strain correlations.


    Recent publications are listed on the Boundary Layer Group publications page.

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