Boundary-Layer Group (BL Group)

Former members

Daniel Adamson After completing his PhD Daniel worked for PA WeatherCentre in London.
Karen Aplin Karen completed a PhD and then went to work on space and atmospheric physics at the Rutherford Appleton Lab in Oxfordshire.
Heather Ashton Having completed a PhD, Heather went to the Met Office to work on research and development into forecasting rainfall, soil moisture and runoff for the UK
Anna Agustí-Panareda Anna moved from the department in January 2006 to work at the ECMWF. Research interests are boundary layer meteorology; pollution mixing and transport by fronts; potential vorticity perspective on the extratropical transition of tropical cyclones.
Sam Arnold Sam worked on the DAPPLE project. She left to work for Golder Associates. (Research interests are boundary layer meteorology; air flow over complex terrain both natural (hills/mountains) and man made (urban); dispersion of air pollutants; geomorphology.)
Ian Boutle Having completed a PhD on the role of the boundary layer in mid-latitude cyclones, Ian went to work at the Met Office.
Simon Branford Simon went to work within the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Reading on the factors that influence the rates at which languages evolve
Gang Chen Gang was with us during a leave from CNRS (Marseille, France) until December 1999. He went back to Marseille.
Adrian Dobre Adrian worked on Dispersion of Air Pollutants and its Penetration into the Local Environment (DAPPLE). Adrian left in 2006 for Romania.
Ian Harman Having completed a PhD and further research, Ian started at CSIRO in January 2005
John Holden After a number of years in the group, John moved to Thame, near Oxford, to work as a scientific software developer with Aitken Scientific.
David Lewis David took a mathematics lectureship position at Liverpool University.
Petroula Louka After her PhD Petroula worked in Nantes (France) in Computational Fluid Dynamics for a year; and then onto the Physics Department at the University of Athens, in Greece.
Stephen Nash Stephen researched in Dynamic Oceanography, but during 2004 left academia to work with Price Waterhouse Coopers.
Anil Padhra
Frauke Pascheke Frauke worked on Quantifying the turbulent ventilation of heat and pollution from urban areas using the naphthalene sublimation method - a collaboration with EnFlo. Frauke left in 2006 to work at EnFlo; and then back to Germany in 2009.
Bill Pierson Bill left to work at the Water Research Laboratory in the University of New South Wales, Australia. Bill was with us from October 1996 - April 1998.
Jeff Polton During 2004 Jeff left to live at La Jolla (CA) and then moved back to the UK to work on Dynamic Oceanography at National Oceanography Centre.
Aurore Porson Aurore worked as a post-doc researcher on urban surface energy exchange modelling. In June 2008, she went to the UK Met Office in Exeter.
Ali Rudd Ali worked on the DYCE and DIAMET projects. She moved from the department to CEH Wallingford in May 2013 and is now working as a Hydrological Modeller.
Victoria Sinclair Victoria Sinclair completed a PhD on "Pollutant transfer by storms" in 2009. She moved to work in Helsinki.
Marc Stringer Marc has recently completed his PhD on "Separation of Air Flow Over Hills" and is now working as a research support programmer in the department.
Sachchida Tripathi Sachchida left to work at the Civil Engineering department of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
Sonja Weinbrecht Sonja worked as a post-doc on convective parameterisations, stochastic back scatter and LES modelling. She left in 2006.
Tyrone Dunbar After completing his PhD, in 2011, Tyrone joined the Met Office.
Eddy Robertson

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