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Daily weather observations at the University of Reading date back to 1908. Here are a selection of news stories and observations for Reading since they began - with one or two earlier, newsworthy, items. They will be updated each day. Let me know if you have any other snippets of news/information.

Any mention of a record refers to observations at the University of Reading - elsewhere in the United Kingdom values may have been higher or lower.

In Reading on 24 March in ...

Today saw the sad death of Henry West (aged 24 years), who lost his life in a whirlwind at the Great Western Railway Station (now Reading railway station). Henry, an unmarried carpenter from Wilton in Wiltshire, was working on the station roof at the time, attending to the station lantern; the wind lifted him up and transported him some 200 feet from the station, where his insensible body was discovered in a trench. He had been killed instantly.
One of the warmest March days on record as the temperature climbed to 22.3 C. This was the result of a sunny day with high pressure.
One of the lowest March 0900 GMT pressure readings occurred to day - 972.9 mb. A deepening area of low pressure crossed from W Ireland to Denmark during the day and the wind gusted to 66 kn at Reading at 1152 GMT.

Some historical data/observations for anniversary dates can be found here

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