Weather news in Reading

Daily weather observations at the University of Reading date back to 1908. Here are a selection of news stories and observations for Reading since they began - with one or two earlier, newsworthy, items. They will be updated each day. Let me know if you have any other snippets of news/information.

Any mention of a record refers to observations at the University of Reading - elsewhere in the United Kingdom values may have been higher or lower.

In Reading on 21 May in ...

28.8 C was reached in the air today, just 7 days after a low reading of 0.8 C (some 28.0 degC lower). On the 22nd and 23rd the temperature was to rise to 31.2 C and 30.4 C, respectively. For five days starting today the maximum temperature reached at least 26.6 C each day. High pressure over Europe brought warm air from the W Mediterranean towards the UK.
The wettest May day on record - 37.1 mm fell in the raingauge. It was a dull day with heavy rain from 4pm onwards.

Some historical data/observations for anniversary dates can be found here

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