Hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather

Hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather

NOAA Severe Storm Spotters Guide - more than 150 photographs of severe wx phenomena, helpful diagrams and explanatory text, all cross-linked to relevant resources from WW2010's collection of instructional modules

Tropical cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons
National Hurricane Center - current and historical information
Hurricanes / Tropical Storms, worldwide current details
Joint Typhoon Warning Center
Maps by region of the globe

UK severe weather
UK severe weather warnings, Met Office
The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation

Worldwide severe weather
European severe weather warnings
Worlwide severe weather
National Weather Service Watches and Warnings, USA
Strike One Lightning Photos
Australian Severe Weather Association Inc.

Frequently asked questions
FAQ by Chris Landsea and colleagues

Tornado drawings, by Shawn Selders

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