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Whiteknights Park has a very large and diverse collection of trees, both native and exotic. We are very grateful to the university and its grounds staff for maintaining such an exceptional place. This website is a virtual arboretum of Whiteknights Park. It exhibits most species present, for the sake of interest, education and beauty. You are viewing the part of the website which shows trees whose species the authors have not identified. If you can help with identification, please write to Identified trees are shown in the main part of the website. Images © Jonathan Gregory, Benoît Vannière and Alastair Culham 2018-2022


The website has six overview pages, listed on the top row of this page (which is one of the six). The campus map and Google map show the locations and photos and identify the species of individual trees. The gallery and the list have one entry for each species. The today page contains photos of a single tree, chosen randomly on each day. In the gallery, each photo is a link to a page of photos of a single tree of that species.

In the gallery and the list, the Latin name of each species is a link to a page of photos for that species. The species page includes photos of individual trees, information about their location, and close-up photos of bark, leaves, etc. Many of the species pages are more than a screenful, and are shown one screenful at a time. You can step forwards to the next screenful with and backwards to the previous screenful with .

There are three views of each species: in columns, in rows, and the campus map locating trees of the species. From any of these views, you can go to the gallery with , the list with , the campus map for all species with , and this (About) page with . The column view of a species has rows for individual trees on the left of the screen (one photo in each season for deciduous trees), photos of bark in the central column, and close-ups on the right of the screen. In the row view, all the photos of each individual tree are shown in a row (many trees have more than one photo per season), with the bark and close-ups in rows after the tree rows.

In the gallery and species pages, each small photo is a link to a page showing a larger version of the same photo. On the species pages and on photo pages, you can step forwards to the next species or photo with , and backwards to the previous one with . From photo pages, you can return to the species page with . From each photo page, you can view the full-size image with i.e. at the camera's resolution, and return to the photo page with .

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I am grateful to Rupert Taylor (Head of Grounds Maintenance), Alastair Culham and Jonathan Mitchley (School of Biological Sciences), and my colleagues Benoît Vannière and Miguel Teixeira for tree identifications, and to Benoît and Friends of the University of Reading for their encouragement during the development of the website.


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