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Radiation Models

An introduction to setting up and basic running of ES96 can be found on Marc Stringer's pages.

The purpose of these pages is to provide some extra documentation for work that has been done in the group on aerosol-specific ES96 and RFM DISORT runs. Please note that we are not able to provide copies of the RFM DISORT radation code.

The main information here relates to the Aerocom experiment. This is an intercomparison of various radiation models for cases with and without aerosol. I have been running ES96 and RFM DISORT as part of this intercomparison. Specific atmospheric profiles and aerosol properties are provided. Since the input criteria are quite simple and specific, this is a good example of how to run both models with simple aerosol specifications. See the side menus for more details...

Jolene Cook's Documentation on ES96 Mie scattering code

Notes on the scattering phase function, and how it's represented in scatter90, ESRAD and RFMD.