Claire Ryder : DAHLIA - Dust-AtmospHere-Land Interactions in East Asia : UoR, Dept Of Meteorology

DAHLIA - Dust-AtmospHere-Land Interactions in East Asia

DAHLIA will examine the significance of interactions between the land surface, dust emissions, dust-atmosphere impacts (including precipitation, droughts, flooding, air quality), and impacts of these processes which feedback onto factors driving dust emission itself (such as surface winds and surface properties). DAHLIA will examine dust representation in different CMIP6 models and experiments, identifying the importance of the level of complexity in land-surface representation and dust-cloud interaction. Within HadGEM3, the importance of resolution and convective representation for dust generation and impacts on weather and climate will be evaluated.

DAHLIA is part of the CSSP China Newton Fund, led by Dr Claire Ryder (PI) with Co-Is Dr Reinhard Schiemann, Dr Laura Wilcox, Professor Pier Luigi Vidale, and partnered with Dr Zhe Wang, IAP, CAS. Dr Alcide Zhao and Dr Dhirendra Kumar are PDRAs working on DAHLIA.