Edwards-Slingo Radiation Code


The Offline Edwards-Slingo Radiation Code calculates radiative fluxes or radiance given an atmospheric state. These pages describe:
  • Getting Started: how to get hold of the code and create the executables.
  • Running the Code: shows how to run the code, with examples and provides information on the Fortran files that form the code.
  • Documentation: further documentation for the code.

I addition to these pages, ES96 (older version of the code) and how it's used on the Aerocom project are described on Claire's webpages. And there's some further documentation on Bethan's webpages covering her experience of running the code.

People involved in Reading

The current users and interested parties of this code here are:


Robin has funded Marc (2l39) to support this code at Reading so you contact him if you have any problems or give him some stick if this pages aren't up to date or complete.

Things to do now


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