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Dynamical Models
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Reading's Dynamical Modelling Hierarchy

A hierarchy of dynamical models of the global atmosphere has been developed at Reading since the 1970s, all using the spectral transform technique.

  • Barotropic model.
  • Shallow water model.
  • Baroclinic primitive-equation model (IGCM), including adiabatic, Newtonian-forcing, and moist parameterization versions.
  • Eigenvalue solver for the baroclinic model.
  • Linear stationary wave version of the baroclinic model.
  • Diagnostics for the baroclinic model versions.
Our aim is to create portable versions of all these models: links will be added as models become available. A subset of the models/versions is freely available.
Please note that we are not able to support remote users of the dynamical models.

The codes are maintained using nupdate, a portable program-library editor.
Link to nupdate man page. Link to nupdate documentation.
tar file containing nupdate documentation and Sun/SGI binaries.
Linux binary, source and Makefile.

Support libraries (source code and Makefiles for IBM, Sun/Solaris, Linux): tar-file and listing

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