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Mesoscale group

About us

The Mesoscale Group is comprised of academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and Met Office researchers who share a common interest in mesoscale weather processes and systems.

The mesoscale, which occupies a horizontal length-scale range of approximately 1–1000km, incorporates a vast array of meteorological phenomena, from individual convective storms and gravity waves to tropical and extratropical cyclones. Research interests within the Mesoscale Group are diverse and include the predictability and parametrization of convection, diabatic processes within extratropical cyclones, pollution and volcanic ash transport, sting-jet dynamics, stationary rainbands, stratosphere/troposphere exchange, and urban meteorology. Much of this work is done in close collaboration with Met Office staff in the Mesoscale Modelling Research Group, part of the MetOffice@Reading.

For further information about the group members and their work, download this presentation (created for the Meteorology Department Research Day on 10/01/2013), contact Michael Johnston (, or click on the relevant links at the top of this page.

This image shows the most commonly used words in the research interests of all the group members webpages, with the size of each word proportional to how frequently it is used. (Created by Oscar Martinez-Alvarado using