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These pages give information about me and my work. I am responsible for the content.

Work Place

I work in the Lyle building Room number 302E. You can send me an e-mail for any enquiry.

Current Project

SPARC Stratospheric Network for the Assessment of Predictability (SPARC-SNAP).

The project partners are:

  • 1. Met Office (UK)
  • 2. Naval Research Laboratory (USA)
  • 3. Environment Canada (Canada)
  • 4. Meteorological Research Institute (Japan)
  • 5. Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)
  • 6. NorthWest Research Associates (USA)
  • 7. New York University (USA)
  • 8. Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC)
  • 9. Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) (WMO)
  • 10.University of Reading, UK (Lead organization)
  • SNAP stands for Stratospheric Network on Assessment of Predictability. The project is motivated from the quest to understand what role the stratosphere might play in influencing tropospheric weather and climate. This project is aimed at several unanswered scientific questions about the stratosphere-troposphere link, namely:

  • a. Are stratosphere-troposphere coupling effects important throughout the winter season or only when major stratospheric dynamical events occur?
  • b. How far in advance can major stratospheric dynamical events be predicted and usefully add skill to tropospheric forecasts?
  • c. Which stratospheric processes, both resolved and unresolved need to be captured by models to gain optimal stratospheric predictability?
  • The international network carefully plan experiments that objectively compare the stratospheric skill of different numerical models and understand its source. One member from each partner and three external members form the steering committee. The project management model is of a delivery team consisting of the PI and project manager (myself), who carries out the consensus view of the steering committee, coordinate, and lead the network.The steering committee provides advice on how the project should proceed and assess if the PI and project manager are appropriately meeting project milestones and achieving scientific objective.

    Beside ensuring that the scientific objective is achieved, as the research manager I also have the following responsibilities:

  • 1. Organise and run two SNAP workshops in Reading
  • 2. Organise and run three monthly steering group meetings on-line
  • 3. Collect, organise and distribute data generated by the experiments undertaken in the project
  • 4. Liaise with external funders, data centre and scientific partners through organisation of on-line steering group meetings and preparation and dissemination of project reports
  • 5. Make visits to international partners to discuss project and collect data
  • 6. Publicise project at events and conferences by giving oral and poster presentations and networking with other scientists
  • 7. Assist project scientists in the drafting of and submission of project publications in both the grey and peer-reviewed literature.
  • 8. Participate in ongoing outreach activities which disseminate the work of the project to the general public through writing blogs and popular science articles and attending and participating in internal and external outreach events

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