Ross Bannister


My current work interests lie mainly in the area of inverse problems, applied to meteorological science. Data assimilation is a powerful means of solving the inverse problem in meteorology. This is the process of combining diverse observations of the real-world - with models - to help infer useful and quantitative knowledge about the atmosphere. I work with a variety of data assimilation techniques, especially variational methods.

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  • Interests: computing, applied physics, computational physics, amateur astronomy, cycling/running, DIY/woodworking, environmental issues, animal welfare, daydreaming (aka deep thought!).
  • Likes: favourite animal - dog; favourite town - Kenilworth (Warwickshire); favourite music - The Noisettes, KT Turnstall, Keane; favourite TV presenters - Alice Roberts, Jim Al-Khalili; favourite veg - brussel sprouts; favourite TV programme - QI; favourite fruit - Cox's apples.
  • Dislikes: people who publish their likes and dislikes, unnecessary use of cars, capital punishment, unethical business, sport on TV, soaps, fireworks, TV talent contests, work travel, Christmas shopping, spicy foods, seafood, and (most of all) suffering with OCD.


My first dog, Jasper - a collie cross dog. Jasper

My second dog, Darcy - a grehound bitch. Darcy

One of my favourite pastel pictures painted by my dad. Dad

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