Useful links for Weather and Climate Discussion

Recent satellite images

NASA Earth Observatory
Visit "Today's image" and the archive of images (with description). Usually several interesting weather/climate images appear each week. The occasional animations they have tend to be excellent.
Dundee satellite images
AVHRR, MODIS and Meteosat images over the UK (Password required).
A-train images: CloudSat radar, Calipso lidar, MODIS radiometer, AMSR radiometer
These instruments are on a train of satellites - with care the images can be matched up!
Microwave radiometer images
Includes near-realtime SSM/I, TMI, AMSR, QSCAT and MSU
Monterey satellite animations
Images and animations from a wide range of satellites
Wisconsin satellite animations
Eumetsat animations from Meteosat

Resources for synoptic analysis

Wyoming radiosonde ascents
Skew-T graphs (like tephigrams) from all over the world (select "Region: Europe", then "Type of plot: Skew-T").
WetterZentrale: European surface pressure charts
Click on "Archiv" at the top of the page.
Cloudnet quicklooks
Output from a number of forecast models over Chilbolton.

Observations at UK sites

Reading Meteorology Department Field Site
Aberystwyth MST wind profiler
Chilbolton cloud radar and lidar quicklooks
Chilbolton quicklooks from surface instruments (password required)

Tropical Cyclones

Monterey satellite animations
Cyclone-centred animations from a wide range of satellites
RAMMB, CIRA, Colorado State University
Animations from various satellites
NOAA National Hurricane Center
Only those that affect the US
Hawaii Tropical Storms page
Useful for tropical cyclone alerts


A site that responds rapidly to climate sceptics in the media, as well as picking up other topical climate stories.
CEH Water Watch: Monthly hydrological summaries
NOAA North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) forecast

Other pages of useful weather links

Roger Brugge's weather page
World weather stories and lots of UK weather links
Mike Blackburn's current weather links
Many links to imagery and animations, as well ski reports.

Wacky stuff

Some tabloids often run daft headlines related to the weather:

Daily Express
Daily Mail

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