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Apologies - these pages are not currently actively maintained. Please refer to the links below for further information about my activities.

About me...

I am an Associate Professor in Climate Science and Energy Meteorology in the Meteorology Department at the University of Reading, with research interests in large-scale atmospheric dynamics and the impacts of weather and climate on human and environmental systems (particularly energy systems).

I currently lead the Energy Meteorology research group within the Department. Further details about my research interests and publications can be found on my Departmental webpage .

I am also a member of the University-wide Energy Research group and the Meteorology department's Dynamical Processes group.

I also have interests in understanding regional palaeoclimates and their impacts on humans, having previously worked on the Water, Life and Civilisation project at Reading University. This project examined changes in the regional climate of the Mediterranean over the last 12,000 years (particularly focussing on the Mediterranean storm track)

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