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Welcome to my home page. Thank you for visiting. I obtained my PhD in Meteorology from the University of Reading and joined Reading's renowned Department of Meteorology as a Post Doctoral Researcher in 2005. I currently direct the boundary organization, AfClix (Africa Climate Exchange) and am a Research Scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (Climate Directorate).

My research interests include:African weather, Africa and climate change, high impact weather, climate modeling, knowledge exchange and methods, governance and decision-making expertise, facilitating entrepreneurial ground-based activities to broker dialogue communication between climate scientists, humanitarian and development practitioners and government policy makers in Africa.

I'm always interested in hearing from you if you have any comments or questions about our research. Please do take time to visit the busy Africa Climate Exchange portal if you are interested in learning more about our feet on the (African) ground work and joining the "coffee shop" conversation.

" is a meeting room, coffee-shop and a community hall...A place for professionals to exchange knowledge and ideas on the whole spectrum of challenges raised by today's climate in Africa."

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