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My RPGs Page

  • FateTal - A meshing of the FATE sytem and the Talislanta System. Uses the Tal sysem but with FATE style Aspects. Nice :)

  • Talislanta Generic Char Gen - A Generic Charcter generation system based on Talislanta 4th Edition, includes some stress rules for use in horror gaming.

  • ISIS D6 based Rpg System and World - My D6 based fantasy RPG system and World, Please mail me with any suggestions.

  • My NPC Generator - A lovely little utility which has quadrupled the traffic to my pages.

  • BRS Roleplaying System - Something like a cross between d20 and BRP, an evolution from my d100 system.

  • Statless RPG - A d100 based roll and add skill RPG with only skills and no statistics.

  • D100 System RPG - My attempt to modernise the Basic Role Playing System (BRP) used in Stormbringer, Runequest and CoC.