Instructions for The Weather Game

Welcome to The Weather Game - one of the Department of Meteorology's greatest traditions. The object of the game is to predict various aspects of the weather in four different locations around the world... one of which will vary each week! At the end of term, prizes will be awarded to the best undergraduate, postgraduate and staff forecaster.


Before playing the game for the first time, you need to register your pseudonym. You should choose a pseudonym containing no more than 30 characters. Alphanumeric characters, punctuation marks and spaces are allowed. Do not use the following characters: < > ,

Please register using your "long-form" university email address - i.e. (BSc, MMet, MSc), (PhD), (staff). You should choose a password of no more than 10 characters. Do not use your login password for any of your existing computer accounts. This password is only for use with The Weather Game.

Please also specify whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, or a member of staff.

When you have completed all the details correctly, click on the "Accept" button. If you wish to clear the entire form and start again, click on the button marked "Clear".

If you forget your pseudonym or cannot remember exactly how it was typed (capitalistation of certain letters, punctuation, etc.), you can check it by looking at the list of pseudonyms.

Submitting an Entry

In order to submit an entry you must first enter your pseudonym and password and select the week for which you wish to make the entry. Click on "Accept" to proceed.

You will then be presented with an entry form for the appropriate week. Complete each of the fields as requested, typing only numbers, minus signs and decimal points in the boxes. The weather type for the "Grand Tour" should be selected from the pull-down menu.

When you have completed the form to your satisfaction, you may submit the entry. If you subsequently submit another entry for the same week, the most recent entry will be processed.

All entries for a particular week must be submitted by 7 PM local time on the Friday preceeding that weekend. A list of the closing dates for each week is available.

The entries will be processed each Monday morning and points will be allocated to each player according to the scoring system.

League Tables

A league table will be produced during the following week listing the current position and total score of each player. Personal scores may also be viewed through the Personal Scores file.


If you have any difficulties in using The Weather Game or if you detect any bugs, please contact the Administrator giving details of the problem. Suggestions for improving the system will also be gratefully received.