Boundary-Layer Group (BL Group)

Janet F. Barlow

As a Professor of Environmental Physics, I am interested in applying physics to solving scientific problems of the natural and man-made environment around us. I am also passionate that research should contribute where possible to solving societal problems as well.

Tel: 0118 378 6022
Office: 3L38 in the Department of Meteorology
Web: Summary of latest work here
CV: The complete list of everything I do is available here

Research Interests

  • Urban meteorology
  • Boundary layer meteorology
  • Application of meteorology to engineering (e.g. sustainable building design, renewable energy, wind engineering)
  • Experimental methods (micrometeorology, remote sensing, windtunnels)

    Current Projects

    • Refresh: Remodelling building design sustainability from a human-centred approach - EPSRC Challenging Engineering award 2012
    • The ACTUAL Project - EPSRC Challenging Engineering award 2008
    • Clearflo - NERC Consortium on infrastructure for urban atmospheric pollution research
    • Clustering effects of major offshore windfarms, sponsored by National Grid (Project description)

    Previous Projects

    • Impact of extreme events on power production at the scale of a single wind-farm (with National Grid). Click here for a video, outlining how wind power research helps National Grid
    • The Breathing City - collaboration between an urban meteorologist, a digital musican and two designers
    • UK Met Office funded (2009): A review of urban roughness sublayer turbulence, Technical Report 527 report supplementary figures
    • EPSRC First Grant Scheme (2003-2006): Quantifying urban heat fluxes using naphthalene sublimation - collaboration with EnFlo
    • EPSRC/Home Office funded (2002-2009) Dispersion of air pollution and penetration into the local environment (DAPPLE)
    • Scalar transport from urban streets - first experiments using naphthalene sublimation
    • Ventilation of pollution out of urban streets - collaboration with University of Bristol
    • The Salfex 2002 Urban Meteorology Campaign
    • Biometeorology of high-altitude insect layering as revealed by vertical-looking radar - collaboration with Rothamsted Research

    People supervised

    • Curtis Wood, 2007-2009 DAPPLE-HO project; 2009-present ACTUAL project
    • Frauke Pascheke, 2004-2006 First Grant project
    • Adrian Dobre, 2002-2006, DAPPLE project
    • Sam Arnold, 2002-2006, DAPPLE project
    PhD students
    • Wagner Nogueira Neto, 2010-present: "The dependence of urban climate on building layout and design"
    • Sian Lane, 2010-present: "Assessing the validity and impatc of urban scale numerical weather prediction"
    • Aidan Brocklehurst, 2010-present: "THe effect of urban climate on urban energy supply and demand"
    • Rosario Nobile, 2009-present: "Building integrated wind energy"
    • Tyrone Dunbar, 2007-present: "Using Doppler lidar to estimate surface sensible heat flux in urban areas"
    • Dan Drew, 2008-present: "The application of small wind turbines in urban environments"
    • Phil Coker, 2007-present: "Assessing the variability of UK renewable energy"
    • Anil Padhra, 2010: "Estimating the sensitivity of urban surface drag to building morphology"
    • Curtis Wood, 2007: "Biometeorology of high-altitude insect layers using vertical-looking radar"

    Other Responsibilities

    • Board member of American Meteorological Society Board for the Urban Environment, 2010-2013
    • Board member of the International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) 2003-2007
    • Member of Steering Committee for the APRIL network (Air Pollution Research in London)
    • Lab Manager, Department of Meteorology, 2008-present


    • Teaching in Department of Meteorology (Boundary Layer Meteorology; Atmospheric Analogues; Fluid Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean)
    • Teaching for MSc in Intelligent Buildings (Department of Construction Management)


    • Participation in See Further, the Royal Society 350th Anniversary Festival of Arts and Science


    Recent publications are listed on the Boundary Layer Group publications page.

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