World weather news

World weather news, July 2021

A violent hailstorm hit the town of Fidenza, northwest of Parma, Italy, damaging hundreds of vehicles and bringing traffic on a highway between Milan and Naples to a standstill. A number of people were injured, mainly by glass shards from cracked windows. Rain, hail, and very strong winds have created considerable damage in an area that goes from the river Po to Salsomaggiore Terme, passing through Colorno, San Polo di Torrile and Fidenza. Residents reported hail as large as 10 cm in diameter.
Severe floods and mudflows caused by heavy rainfall left at least 150 people dead in northeastern Afghanistan. The worst-affected was mountainous Nuristan Province in the eastern part of the country, particularly its Kamdesh District. According to media reports, 200 homes were destroyed and roads damaged in the district's Miardish village.
Three days of heavy rainfall in northern Pakistan caused severe flash flooding in parts of the capital Islamabad and surrounding areas, leaving at least 2 people dead. The heaviest rains fell from 0500 to 0630 PST. In just a few hours, Saidpur village, located just north of the capital, recorded 123 mm of rainfall, while Golra Sharif in the Islamabad Capital Territory received 103 mm.

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Last updated 2 August 2021.

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