Hello from Reading
Since 2001, I've been working at Reading University Department of Meteorology (not to be confused with Metrology or Meteoritics). I work within NCAS Climate, the National Centre for Atmospheric Science: Climate Directorate and the Walker Institute.

I work with Rowan in the Atlantic European Climate Group. I'm interested in decadal climate variabilty - with a particular focus on the Atlantic ocean and Europe. I previously worked on PREDICATE and DYNAMITE - both EU projects. I'm now working on analysis of decadal variability in high resolution models, in particular HiGEM. I'm interested in examing the impact that decadal variations in Atlantic SST have on Atlantic and European climate. Ultimately we believe such decadal variations could be linked to variantions in the the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC).

Before all this, I was an itinerant theoretical physicist

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Current Work

I'm currently examining MOC variability within the HiGEM and HadGEM control runs.

Plot Archive

This archive contains some of my recent analysis.
It uses a perl script called parc - more about that here.

Animations Archive

Sometimes it's useful to to look at fields evolving in time! (this requires java.)


There are a few pages I've written on HOW TO do things, they're mainly to remind me, but you could even find them useful too.
HOWTO calculate EOFs.
HOWTO use Optimal Filtering/Predictable Component Analysis.
HOWTO calculate Stream Function etc from U and V
HOWTO manipulate NetCDF Files
HOWTO use EPS images in MS Windows applications
HOWTO convert an EPS image to a (good quality) GIF
HOWTO Rotate a PS file
HOWTO add an animation to a Powerpoint presentation
HOWTO Convert a ps file to CMYK
HOWTO setup and Run a MetUM-GOML Ensemble expt.
HOWTO setup and Run a UM expt.
HOWTO Extract netCDF fields from a UM archive using getf
HOWTO Write Modsets using nupdate and nmodex
HOWTO Extract fields as netcdf files from UM model archived output on HPCX

You can find more HOWTOs on our group page here.

Useful links

If you're looking for information of how to use the MetOffice Unified Model then the CGAM UM Wiki would be a good place to start.
If you're trying to extract data from a UM model run on HPCX - then you might find this tool useful.

Ferret is my plotting package of choice. It's very flexible and allows you to produce complex plots very quickly. There's a local copy of the manual here. Search the Ferret mailing list archive for answers to those tricky ferret problems!
Org is a simple perl script for organising meetings:


AMO index from Sutton and Hodson, 2005

The index was constructed from an annual mean area average of
HadISST from 0:60N,75:7.5W (1870-2003).
Unfiltered index netcdf excel csv
Detrended Low Pass (37 point Henderson Filter) Filtered index netcdf excel csv
Updated index (1870-2009):
Unfiltered index netcdf excel csv
Detrended Low Pass (37 point Henderson Filter) Filtered index netcdf excel csv



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