Lidar observations of ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano

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EARLINET is an EU-funded project coordinating lidar observations from across Europe.

Chilbolton, UK

Three lidars operate continuously at Chilbolton: the 355 nm Leosphere EZ polarization lidar, the 905 nm Vaisala CT75K lidar ceilometer and the 1.5 micron HALO Photonics Doppler/polarization lidar.

Cardington, Manchester and Aberystwyth, UK

The University of Manchester operates several lidars: a Leosphere EZ lidar that was at Cardington, Bedfordshire until 20 April and then at Manchester from 21 April. It also operates the ultraviolet Elight lidar at the MST radar facility at Capel Dewi near Aberystwyth.

Reading, UK

A scanning HALO Photonics lidar was installed on the roof of the Meteorology building at Reading University on Thursday 15 April and observed volcanic ash mixing into the boundary layer at 14.00 UTC on Friday 16 April. This lidar was funded by the ACTUAL Project.

Cabauw, The Netherlands

Hamburg, Germany

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg operates a multi-wavelength Raman lidar in combination with a sun photometer.

Høvsøre, Denmark

Payerne, Switzerland

Calipso lidar, A-Train of satellites

The spaceborne Calipso lidar operates at 532 and 1064 nm and has recorded a number of overpasses of the ash plume from the Iceland volcano at various locations over Europe.

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