Robin Hogan
Senior Scientist, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading




  • October 2017: Adept version 2.0 has been released: this C++ library combines array and automatic differentiation capabilities.
  • July 2017: ECMWF model cycle 43R3 became operational: this cycle includes my new radiation scheme ecRad.
  • February 2017: ecRad, the offline version of the new ECMWF radiation scheme is now available under the OpenIFS license.


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My research concerns radiative transfer, clouds and remote sensing with radar and lidar. Since April 2014 my primary affiliation is ECMWF, where I have responsibility for the radiation scheme. My past and present University of Reading activities are described on the Clouds Group web page. I have research links with colleages in the Radar Group and the Radiation Group.

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Some freely available research codes I have written:

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Primary affiliation

  • Address European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Shinfield Park, Reading RG2 9AX, UK.
  • Tel +44 (0)118 9499733
  • Email r.j.hogan at

Secondary affiliation

  • Address Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, Earley Gate, PO Box 243, Reading RG6 6BX, UK.
  • Email r.j.hogan at

I am normally at the University on Thursday afternoons.

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  XPenguins   Naan Trek
A desktop ammusement I wrote for Unix/Linux, now included in several Linux distributions. A review of Reading Curry Houses in the style of an enduring sci-fi series.

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