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World weather news, August 2016

Hong Kong came to a standstill as Typhoon Nida brought 90 mph winds and torrential rain, shutting down schools, businesses and transport services. More than 180 flights were cancelled and hundreds rescheduled. After battering the northern Philippines last weekend, with more than 275 mm of rain falling over the town of Tuguegarao in 24 hours, Nida made landfall near Hong Kong on Tuesday morning, rated as the equivalent of a category 1 hurricane. Thousands of people were evacuated from offshore oil rigs, as well as from construction sites, and headed to tunnels and bridges in the city. Hong Kong Observatory recorded 121 mm of rain on Tuesday. As Nida moved north-west away from Hong Kong and into mainland China it weakened to a severe tropical storm. However, due to the slow-moving nature of the storm, torrential rain triggered widespread flooding across south-west China, particularly in low lying regions.
Macedonia declared a state of emergency in its capital, Skopje, and neighbouring districts on Sunday, a day after at least 21 people were killed in flash floods caused by a storm. Torrential rain flooded homes, swept away a section of the city's ring road and wrecked cars late on Saturday evening. Northern suburbs of the capital were particularly hard hit, though the city centre also suffered. Macedonia, a small former Yugoslav republic of about two million people, has declared Monday a day of national mourning. "This is a catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude," the deputy prime minister, Nikola Todorov, told reporters. The rain had stopped by Sunday morning and water levels receded and though there was more rain on Sunday evening - there were no reports of further flash flooding. Further north in Croatia, heavy winds caused disruption on some roads, including the closure of the highway linking the capital, Zagreb, to the southern coast for lorries and buses, according to local media.
Mudslides triggered by intense rainfall in eastern Mexico have killed 38 people as saturated hillsides collapsed on to homes in the wake of tropical storm Earl. At least 28 people died in multiple mudslides in the mountainous north of Puebla state. The states of Puebla and Veracruz bore the brunt of the wild weather and more is on the way after the US National Hurricane Center said on Sunday that a new tropical storm, Javier, had formed off the country's Pacific Coast. Before crossing into Mexico, Earl battered Belize on Thursday, punching holes in the roofs of Belize City's wooden houses. It also flooded parts of the coast.

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Last updated 8 August 2016.

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