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World weather news, July 2020

A coastal low brought strong winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, and damaging surf to parts of New South Wales, Australia, over the weekend. The severe weather prompted volunteers to respond to more than 2,200 calls for rescue and left about 15,000 properties without power on Monday.
Mumbai, India, surpassed its July 2014 record (1468.5 mm) for the all-time high monthly rainfall on Tuesday with intermittent intense rain spells, taking the monthly rain tally to 1,474.3 mm by 5.30pm. Meanwhile, the city had surpassed its July average rainfall of 840 mm by the 15th. Mumbai has witnessed a total of eight heavy to very heavy rain days this month, which paved the way for previous records to be broken. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) maintains rain data from 1959 onwards. Other landmark years over the past 61 years include 1455.5 mm in 1965, 1385.5 mm in 1961, 1312.9 mm in 2011, 1250.4 mm in 2010, and 1226.1 mm in 1988. IMD classifies 15.6-64.4 mm as moderate rain while 64.5-115.5 mm rain as heavy, 115.6-204.4 mm as very heavy, and over 204.5 mm as extremely heavy rain for a period of 24-hours. The city had seen five 'very heavy' rain days through July 2020 so far with maximum rainfall recorded between July 4 and 5 of 200.8 mm. Apart from July 2, the city has received rainfall every day of the month so far.
Almost 2,500 people have been evacuated as record-high rainfall poured over northern Japan, causing damaging floods and landslides, including in the Yamagata Prefecture, where the Mogami River burst its banks and a mudslide left 540 people isolated. Heavy rain has been battering the northern region of the country since the 27th, triggering several landslides and causing rivers to overflow. In Yamagata, as many as 540 people were left isolated due to mudslides. In Nagai City, 206.5 mm of rain was recorded into 27th-28th, which was the highest 24-hour July rainfall since 1976, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Meanwhile, Okura village recorded 95.5 mm of rain in only a three-hour period on the same day. Numerous areas in Yamagata recorded more than 200 mm of rain in 24 hours to Wednesday, 29th, including Tsuruoka, Nishimura, Oguni, and Nagai, according to the JMA.

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Last updated 30 July 2020.

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