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World weather news, June 2022

A rare tornado hit the coastal city of Zierikzee, Zeeland Province, southwestern Netherlands, leaving a trail of damage, one person dead and 10 others injured. The Netherlands experiences a few tornadoes per year, but this is the first to hit the country since 1992. Deadly tornadoes were also recorded in 1967, 1972 and 1981. The twister caused considerable damage in several streets as it ripped the roofs off homes and toppled trees onto cars.
Record-breaking June temperatures are engulfing Japan, prompting authorities to issue heatstroke advisories and warn of power outages. Unusually high temperatures for the time of the year are expected to last at least until early July. The capital Tokyo registered 35.7C today, making it its daily record high. The city has also had temperatures above 35C for three days in a row, making it the first time for June since records started in 1875.
Tokyo recorded temperatures above 35C today for a fifth consecutive day, marking the worst documented streak of hot weather in June since records started in 1875. Meanwhile, the city of Isesaki, northwest of the capital, saw a record 40.2C - the highest temperature ever recorded in June for Japan.
Intense heat across much of Europe has seen June temperature records broken from the Arctic Circle to North Africa in N and E areas of the continent. Norway recorded a temperature of 32.5C at Banak on Wednesday, reportedly the highest temperature ever recorded within the Arctic Circle in Europe, and significantly higher than the June average of 13C. Poland saw temperatures reach the mid-thirties on Monday, and parts of eastern Germany saw several locations reach 37C. June temperature records were also broken in Slovenia and Croatia, while Bosnia and Herzegovina saw temperatures 0.2 degC below the June record at 41C. The extreme heat has also extended to North Africa, where temperatures in Tunisia equalled its monthly record of 48.7C on Monday. Elsewhere in Europe, an outbreak of thunderstorms caused a devastating mudslide in southern Austria, killing one person and flooding houses and roads in the Carinthia region.

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Last updated 1 July 2022.

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