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World weather news, June 2015

Violent storms across Colorado (USA) have swirled into tornadoes that destroyed homes, popped open a sinkhole that swallowed a police cruiser and dropped so much hail on a Denver neighbourhood that residents had to dig out of waist-deep ice with shovels. No serious injuries have been reported from the storms that raked areas from Fort Collins in the north to Pueblo, nearly 180 miles south. Tornadoes damaged at least six homes near Simla, on Colorado's eastern plains, Elbert County officials said. A new twister touched down Friday afternoon but lifted off before causing damage, the National Weather Service said.
Tropical Storm Blanca's centre made landfall in the southern Baja California peninsula near the town of Puerto Cortes early on Monday, with maximum sustained winds estimated at 45 mph. Blanca became the earliest-in-season tropical cyclone to make landfall in the Baja peninsula. According to NOAA's database, only one other pre-July 1 tropical cyclone tracked within 150 nautical miles of the southern Baja peninsula, a 14 June 1958 Category 1 hurricane whose centre passed just south of Los Cabos. As of late Monday morning, June 8, up to 5.18 inches of rain was measured unofficially in Loreto, Mexico. Overnight Saturday night, June 6, as Blanca made its closest approach, an automated station on Socorro Island recorded a peak sustained wind of 74 mph and gust to 101 mph. A somewhat strange early June pattern delivered some early-season leftover moisture from Blanca to parts of the Desert Southwest and southern Rockies. An enhanced rain and thunderstorm threat began Tuesday in parts of Arizona and New Mexico. From there, it spread north into the Great Basin, central and southern Rockies Wednesday. Thunderstorms even fired up over parts of interior northern California and the Sierra. Tucson, Arizona, picked up 0.21 inches of rainfall from Blanca's moisture. This exceeds their average rainfall for the entire month of June which is 0.20 inches (1981-2010). Measurable rain fell in Yuma, Arizona, on Tuesday for just the seventeenth time in June since records began in 1876. Yuma had seen 0.31 inches of rain, which makes it the second wettest June on record in the city. While only amounting to 0.30 inches of rain, Santa Barbara, California had its third wettest June day on record, Tuesday, June 9. San Francisco International Airport picked up 0.26 inches of rain the following day, more than double the average June monthly rainfall of 0.11 inches.

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Last updated 12 June 2015.

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