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World weather news, April 2022

A spring storm has caused power outages across states in the north-eastern US, with over a foot of snow falling in some places. Some 300,000 customers lost electricity, 200,000 of them in New York state. Several other north-eastern states had winter storm warnings in place from the National Weather Service (NWS). It was feared that heavy, wet snow could bring down tree limbs, with the NWS warning of wind gusts up to 40 mph. New York officials said people should try to stay off the roads if they can. The New York state town of Binghamton set a two-day record for the month of April with 14.5 inches of snow as of Tuesday morning. The town of Virgil, New York, reported 18 inches of snow, reaching the highest level of predicted snowfall. Albany, New York, the state capital, experienced thundersnow.
India's weather department has issued a severe heatwave warning as temperatures soar, throwing millions of lives and livelihoods out of gear. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast a gradual rise in maximum temperatures by 2-4 degC over most parts of north-western and central India this week, with "no large change thereafter". While heatwaves are common in India, especially in May and June, summer began early this year with high temperatures from March itself - average maximum temperatures in the month were the highest in 122 years. Heatwaves also began setting in during the month. This week, the temperature in the capital, Delhi, is expected to cross 44C.
A tornado has been filmed tearing through part of the US state of Kansas, with pictures showing cars crumpled into buildings and homes without roofs. The National Weather Service has issued severe thunderstorm warnings for Midwest states including Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. In the city of Wichita, the mayor said 50 to 100 structures had been damaged, especially in the suburb of Andover. However there are so far no reports of serious injuries. At a press conference on Saturday morning, local officials said there had been no deaths, despite the extent of the damage to buildings and cars.

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Last updated 1 May 2022.

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