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World weather news, December 2020

Flash flooding hit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil as further heavy rains struck the region, resulting in at least one fatality today. The flooding came just days after severe inundations and landslides hit Santa Catarina, leaving 12 people dead and nine others missing. Roads and streets turned into rivers as flash floods raged, washing away debris and vehicles. The municipalities of Duque de Caxias and Mage were among the worst-hit, especially the Carretero and Santo Antonio areas, according to local media. In Xerem, up to 224.2 mm of rain was recorded in a 24-hour period to 23 December.
Storm Bella struck parts of north-western Europe, leaving more than 55000 households without electricity in its wake. More than 21000 homes lost access to power in the UK, around 34000 in the east and central France, and around 1500 in Ireland. In northwest Spain, Bella brought winds of up to 125 km/h and waves up to 10 m. A building in Aviles collapsed, damaging several vehicles parked in the area. No injuries were reported. More than a third of flights from France's main airport in northern Paris encountered delays due to the storm.
A powerful storm hit Nunavut, Canada, bringing record wind gusts of up to 135 km/h and heavy snow. Meteorologists said it was unusual for such a storm to occur this late in December, affecting much of the territory. "It was like an all-day thing. The wind was so strong," Pangnirtung mayor Eric Lawlor said. "Many shacks and cabins are gone. Many, many snowmobile windshields are gone."

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