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World weather news, June 2019

Montpellier (France), both on red alert for a heatwave and rated as a "severe" wildfire risk, is baking hot. It was confirmed that temperatures reached a record high for the country of 45.9C in Gallargues-le-Montueux, a nearby village. Seven hundred firefighters battled wildfires in the Gard in some areas the fires had closed sections of the motorway. Fifteen firefighters were hurt but no serious injuries were reported, although in the neighbouring region of Vaucluse, a cyclist died after collapsing in the heat while riding in the mountains. His was the sixth heat-related death in the sweltering weather covering much of western Europe. Three people died as a result of the heat in Italy, where Milan was hit by power cuts caused by the demand for air conditioning. For a fourth consecutive day, in Spain, temperatures rose above 43C on Saturday, causing two people to die from heat-related complications. Forty of Spain's 50 regions were placed under weather alert, with seven of them considered to be at extreme risk, the national meteorological agency said. Swaths of the continent are experiencing extreme heat. Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic have also all recorded their highest-ever June temperatures.
Mumbai endured an onslaught of torrential rain as nearly 152 mm fell from Friday morning to the early nighttime hours, local time. This was the first heavy rain event since the monsoon began about two weeks behind schedule, which officials told the Times of India that the season's delayed start was the longest in 45 years. The monsoon typically is declared in Mumbai around June 10. Streets became flooded and motorists faced disruptions across parts of the city. Three people died due to separate electrocution incidents amid the heavy rain, according to the Times of India. Five people sustained injures in other rain-related issues, including when a retaining wall collapsed in the city's Dadar suburb on Friday afternoon.
Firefighters in central Spain are battling strong winds and high temperatures as they struggle to control a fire that has already destroyed over 5,000 acres in the provinces of Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid. The fire broke out in Almorox near Toledo on Friday just as the one in Tarragona province in north-east Spain was brought under control, having reduced some 15,000 acres of woodland to ashes. With temperatures expected to reach 38C on Sunday, 250 firefighters, supported by two planes and five helicopters, were working to contain the blaze. About 400 people were evacuated from the village of Entrepinos and spent the night in a sports centre at San Martín de Valdeiglesias.
A freak hail storm has struck Guadalajara, one of Mexico's most populous cities, burying vehicles in a deluge of ice pellets up to two metres deep. Guadalajara, located north of Mexico City and with a population of around five million, has been experiencing summer temperature of around 31C in recent days. While seasonal hail storms do occur, there is no record of anything so heavy. At least six neighbourhoods in the city outskirts woke up to ice pellets up to two metres deep. While children scampered around and hurled iceballs at each other, civil protection personnel and soldiers brought out heavy machinery to clear the roads. Nearly 200 homes and businesses reported hail damage, and at least 50 vehicles were swept away by the deluge of ice in hilly areas, some buried under piles of pellets. While no casualties were reported, two people showed "early signs of hypothermia," the state civil protection office said.

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Last updated 1 July 2019

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