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World weather news, March 2021

The cherry blossom season, Japan's traditional sign of spring, has peaked at the earliest date since records began 1200 years ago, research shows. The 2021 season in the city of Kyoto peaked on 26 March, according to data collected by Osaka University. Increasingly early flowerings in recent decades are likely to be as a result of climate change, scientists say. The records from Kyoto go back to 812 AD in imperial court documents and diaries. The city has experienced an unusually warm spring this year. The previous record there was set in 1409, when the season reached its peak on 27 March.
Four people have been killed and 130 rescued after near-record levels of rainfall hit Nashville, Tennessee over 48 hours, causing significant flooding across the region. Repeated rounds of very heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding issues in many areas across Middle Tennessee from Saturday morning, March 27, through Sunday morning, March 28. Through Sunday morning, Franklin recorded 219.7 mm of rain, while Clarkrange had 213.6 mm.
A powerful storm brought heavy snow, damaging winds, and frozen precipitation across some E areas of Canada, resulting in travel disruptions, suspension of classes, and damaged homes. Wind gusts of up to 164 km/h were recorded in Nova Scotia, while multiple power outages were reported in Newfoundland and parts of the Prairies. In Newfoundland, many roofs were blown away from homes as the storm brought damaging winds and heavy snow. The intense, low-pressure system also delivered a blast of heavy rain and snow to New Brunswick and strong winds in Nova Scotia. St. Joseph du Moine, Grand Etang, and Plateau on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia saw violent wind gusts of 164 km/h, 159 km/h and 151 km/h, respectively.

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Last updated 1 April 2021.

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