British Isles weather diary

British Isles weather diary

Recent temperature, rainfall and sunshine extremes over the British Isles (Note: figures in parentheses give an indication, from first reports, of the spread of daily max and min temperatures, min daytime temperatures (occasionally), rainfall and sunshine in the 24 hours ending 2100 GMT.)

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British Isles weather, May 2019

The 29th had a bright start in parts of E England, and it was sunny for some time in N Scotland (after overnight air frost in places). Otherwise, it was overcast and rain or drizzle spread NE'wards across most districts. It was quite chilly under the thick cloud which led to a dull day across Ireland, Wales and W England following overnight minimum temperatures above 10C in places here. (Shoeburyness 18.5C, Lerwick 8.5C maximum, Tulloch Bridge -3.5C minimum, Capel Curig 18.4 mm, Loch Glascarnoch 10.3 h.)

On the 30th Shetland and much of the S coast of England was sunny. Most other districts were cloudy, although there was some sunshine over England and Wales. Much of Scotland, N Ireland and northern-most England was quite wet, and there was some drizzly rain over parts of Wales and Cornwall. It was chilly in the north, but warm and muggy in the south, away from windward coasts and in a mild night for S Scotland and areas to the S overnight minimum temperatures were in the range 10-15C. (Heathrow 24.8C, Lentran 7.9C maximum, Baltasound 2.2C minimum, Salsburgh 24.4 mm, Lerwick 11.4 h.)

Fronts affected N and W areas of the British Isle son the 31st with much of England lying under a warm sector as a result. There was further rain in N districts, but S Britain became increasingly sunny. Temperatures were mostly rather above normal, except in the wetter areas. It was breezy in the west and north. Overnight minimum temperatures were 14-15C in parts of England, Wales and N and Cent Ireland, though there was a good deal of variability depending on cloud cover. (Sheffield 21.6C, Fair Isle 9.3C maximum, Kirkwall 3.7C minimum, Dunstaffnage 40.6 mm, Camborne 9.8 h.)

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Last updated 7 June 2019.

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