British Isles weather diary

British Isles weather diary

Recent temperature, rainfall and sunshine extremes over the British Isles (Note: figures in parentheses give an indication, from first reports, of the spread of daily max and min temperatures, min daytime temperatures (occasionally), rainfall and sunshine in the 24 hours ending 2100 GMT.)

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British Isles weather, January 2017

There was little air frost on the 28th and most areas had a spell of rain during the day (except in parts of East Anglia and SE England. Rain, with snow in places, continued over much of Scotland through the day - clearing slowly from the SW later - whilst N Ireland, Wales and England had a mix of sunshine and showers; there was also some thunder in places in the London area in the afternoon. (Northolt 11.1C, Balmoral 1.3C maximum, Spadeadam -2.2C minimum, Porthmadog 19.6 mm, Yeovilton 6.2 h.)

Rain pushed N'wards across Scotland during the 29th. Further S there was aa little air frost in places and a few patches of mist or fog. Scotland and N Ireland then had a bright or sunny day but elsewhere it turned cloudy as frontal rain moved N'wards - with some heavy falls in places later over Wales and S England. (Exeter Airport 12.0C, Balmoral 2.8C maximum, Katesbridge -5.3C minimum, Swanage 22.8 mm, Kinloss 7.5 h.)

Overnight into the 30th there was a severe air frost in parts of Scotland and N England, followed by a bright day. Further S fronts led to a cloudier night with rain, drizzle, mist and fog by dawn. In SW and Cent S England rain was more prolonged, but generally light, with much of the S half of England having a misty day. Rain spread E'wards over Scotland later in the day with falls also in N Ireland and N England. (Bude 12.4C, Strathallan 2.0C maximum, Braemar -10.1C minimum, Hurn 6.0 mm, Kinloss 6.2 h.)

The 31st was a rather cloudy or dull day, generally. Overnight, mist with rain or drizzle was prevalent across much of England and Wales - with outbreaks of rain also across Scotland and Ireland. Mist and fog particularly affected the hillier areas of England and Wales, along with some exposed coastal areas in the S'ly flow. Drier weather moved across from Ireland into W and N Scotland. A narrow warm sector led to a mild day in the W and N, while it remained cold in the E and NE. (Trawscoed 12.9C, Fylingdales 4.0C maximum, Lentran 0.5C minimum, Gt Cumbrae Millport 31.2 mm, Magilligan 2.2 h.)

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Last updated 7 February 2017.