British Isles weather diary

British Isles weather diary

Recent temperature, rainfall and sunshine extremes over the British Isles (Note: figures in parentheses give an indication, from first reports, of the spread of daily max and min temperatures, min daytime temperatures (occasionally), rainfall and sunshine in the 24 hours ending 2100 GMT.)

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British Isles weather, January 2022

The 10th was a sunless day in all areas of the UK (according to the provisional listing of daily extremes). This was the result of a warm sector advancing NE'wards across the British Isles that brought spells of rain to all areas. E Scotland and East Anglia had an early air frost and there was widespread mist by dawn. By the evening temperatures were widely above 10C over W Scotland, Ireland, W Wales and W England although rainfall amounts away from these areas were generally small. (Valentia 12.6C, Fylingdales 5.5C maximum, Braemar -6.8C minimum, Achnagart 17.8 mm, Dublin Airport 1.9 h.)

On the 11th the warm sector pushed SE'wards over England and Wales, bringing a spell of rain to most areas here. There was widespread mist and some fog patches across Ireland, Wales and England due to light winds under rising air pressure MSL pressure 1032mb over SW Ireland at 1200 GMT. N and W Scotland had some rain showers. It was a mild day across England, Wales and Ireland but cooler over Scotland. S, Cent and E England were cloudy, as was NW Scotland. (Exeter Airport 12.8C, Eskdalemuir 3.8C maximum, Aboyne -4.5C minimum, Achnagart 16.4 mm, Shannon Airport 6.5 h.)

High pressure remained centred across S areas of the British Isles on the 12th; MSL pressure was 1043 mb over S Wales at 1200 GMT. Much of inland England and Wales had an air frost overnight, and both here and in N Ireland there was misty start to the day with fog in places. There was a little rainfall across N Scotland overnight and during the day; it was a dull day across Scotland but it was sunny across many areas of Ireland, Wales and England before mist and fog patches formed under these clear skies in the evening. (Chillingham Barns 12.9C, Llysdinam 2.8C maximum, Marham -4.2C minimum, Resallach 6.4 mm, Liscombe 7.7 h.)

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Last updated 13 January 2022.

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