A combined automatic differentiation and array library for C++


User guides

  • Version 1.1 User Guide: PDF
  • Version 2.0 User Guide: PDF
  • Comparison of Adept's array features with Fortran, Matlab and Eigen: PDF


If you publish work that uses Adept, please cite the following paper. This is a request and not a condition of the license.

  • Hogan, R. J., 2014: Fast reverse-mode automatic differentiation using expression templates in C++. ACM Trans. Math. Softw., 40, 26:1-26:16: PDF

Cite the software

You can cite the software as follows:

Mailing list

Further information

  • Talk to data assimilation research group, University of Reading, May 2012: Powerpoint
  • Talk at 14th Euro Automatic Differentiation Workshop, Oxford, December 2013: Powerpoint
  • Wikipedia page: Adept (C++ library)

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