A combined automatic differentiation and array library for C++

License, copyright and acknowledgements


Adept is dual-licensed, which means that you may choose to be bound by either of the following licenses.

  • The Apache License, Version 2.0. This is a permissive, free-software license that will be the choice for almost all users. It permits you to use and modify the library for any purpose, and to redistribute it under the same terms. Modified versions, or derivative works incorporating Adept, may be distributed in source or object form with a few restrictions that are stated in the license, but provided these conditions are met it may be incorporated into proprietary software.
  • The ESA Software Community License (ESCL), Type 1. Recognising that Adept was written largely with funding from the European Space Agency, you may alternatively use the Type-1 ESCL. It is more restrictive than Apache 2.0 in that derivative works can only be released under the same license, and the license is limited to users in ESA's Member States. The latter condition means that it is not an open-source license. There are several versions of the Type-1 ESCL in circulation; you may use any official version sanctioned by ESA.
In addition to choosing only one of the two licenses above, you are permitted to dual-license your own derivative work using the same two licenses, if you prefer.


  • Copyright © 2012-2015 University of Reading
  • Copyright © 2015-2017 European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts

Note that the copyright for Adept versions 1.1 and earlier is held solely by the University of Reading.


Adept 1.0 was developed by Robin Hogan with funding from European Space Agency contract 40001041528/11/NL/CT.
Some of the modifications to produce version 1.1 were funded by a National Centre for Earth Observation Mission Support grant (Natural Environment Research Council grant NE/H003894/1).

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