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  • May 2012: A new method to perform reverse-mode automatic differentiation has been developed using the expression template programming technique and is found to be 5-9 times faster than the current leading tools providing the same functionality: Learn more...
  • January 2012: We're moving into the busiest phase of my "DYMECS" project to evaluate the evolution of thunderstorms in the Met Office forecast model using radar: Kirsty Hanley has recently started on the modelling side, Thorwald Stein has started a DYMECS website to describe the cases so far, and I appeared on a NERC podcast to outline the project.
  • January 2012: The second edition of Forecast Verification has been published, including a chapter by Robin Hogan and Ian Mason on verifying forecasts of binary events. This includes an exhaustive evaluation of different binary performance measures and a general method to calculate the error on performance measures.

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